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Bowditch Marine, Inc.

Bowditch Marine, Inc. (BMI) is a full service, comprehensive Marine Surveying and Consulting company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We offer general commercial marine surveying and consulting services for all types of commercial maritime interests as well as damage surveys in the areas of cargo, hull and machinery, and other marine property interests. We also provide consulting services to the maritime industry in accordance with the aforementioned areas of expertise.


Service and Experience

At Bowditch Marine, our goal is to assist owners, underwriters and other maritime interests with all aspects of protecting their assets. This includes all areas of maritime operations from pre-voyage inspections to post-damage surveys. Specific services include the following:

  • Damage surveys for cargo, hull, machinery and miscellaneous maritime structures
  • Condition and Valuation surveys of all types of commercial marine vessels
  • Suitability for towing surveys
  • General and Particular Average surveys for cargo or hull interests
  • Draft surveys
  • Lashing, securing and specialized services involving high value, overweight or oversized equipment
  • Cargo pre-load, load, stow and discharge examinations, including all dry bulk, refrigerated, hazardous, container and unitized loads
  • Regulatory compliance and loss control audits
  • Vessel safety inspections